Thuja was established in August 2010, Thuja Medical Company is a family owned business based in Amman. Thuja Medical is licensed for import/export activities in the business of Medical devices and Nutritional supplements.

Our marketing and business development teams are of high caliber and have the expertise of multinational and local pharmaceutical industries.  
Now we are agent for:
- KENA ROOTS. The competitive edge of these products is the fact that they are made of natural medicinal herbs. Such products are innovative and patented as well.
- PRIMA Home Test Kits, The first preventive check up Tests in the Market of Jordan  (Ferritin, Prostate, TSH and Helicobacter Pylori)
- KTMed NEPLUS a mobile super mesh nebulizer with the latest technology
- japlo baby Baby care products with european standards high standards of safety for baby from the day of born.
Please check Our product list to have more information